Kids gymnastics

Physical and social development through fun and enjoyment

Barnens Gymnastikskola offers high-quality basic gymnastics training for boys and girls aged 2,5 to 6 years. Our carefully constructed program has a variety of four different courses, all specifically designed to improve gymnastic ability and develop motor skills in a secure, supportive and inspirational way.

We continuously do follow ups and our pedagogues go through at least four mandatory education sessions every year. Our main objectives are to ensure that our programs includes safe, age-appropriate and optimal self-esteem building components.
We welcome non-Swedish speaking children at all levels.

Our teachers are trained in maintaining bilingual classes (English/Swedish). If your child does not understand English, he or she will feel comfortable at our classes anyway and will – besides benefit in physical and social development – progressively understand more and more Swedish. And most essential, at Barnens Gymnastikskola we instruct by showing and doing movements together.

In August 2017, we start our courses in Nyköping.

You find schedule and available courses here (in Swedish). The registration is made either in this application form, or by calling us at 0155-21 22 27.